About the Yosemite International Film Festival



Fostered in the spirit of the historic, and breathtakingly beautiful Yosemite, the world's most magnificent national park and one of America's premiere natural wonders, the Yosemite International Film Festival awards and bestows recognition for some of the world's finest and most visionary independent films and screenplays made by many of the leading contemporary artists and creative minds working in cinema and screenwriting today.


Founded by environmentally-aware, eco-friendly filmmakers, our mission is to recognize and award progressive, eye-opening, independent cinema and writing of all genres and to foster an appreciation and understanding toward the preservation and majesty of our natural world.


Each year, the Yosemite International Film Festival recognizes excellence in filmmaking in several competition categories with the prestigious Yosemite Film Awards. The Official Jury will award deserving films, filmmakers, and writers in the following categories: Best Picture, Screenplay, Directing, Actor, Actress, Art Design, Cinematography, Editing, Animation, Short Films, Feature Narratives, Documentaries, Foreign Films, Music Videos, Experimental Films, First-Time Directors, Environmental Films, and Student Films. In addition, Special Jury Prizes will be awarded to several standout films and screenplays at the discretion of the Jury.

The Yosemite International Film Festival is a non-traditional film festival and awards competition created as a platform to provide worthy films and filmmakers with recognition for their filmmaking and screenwriting achievements. As of our 2011 event, we have transitioned from a traditional live film festival held each year in Yosemite Valley, to an annual online awards competition. Films are not screened for the public. Once the Judges have concluded the judging process, winners are announced publicly on our official website and through various promotional channels targeting the film and entertainment industry.


The Yosemite Film Festival, as it has in years past, and at its sole discretion, may also opt to hold a formal awards ceremony in Yosemite where winners receive awards in person at a formal dinner and award ceremony. The Festival kindly asks that any awards won be mentioned in the projects' promotional materials, although it is not a requirement.

Screenplay Competition

The Yosemite Film Festival proudly supports the craft of screenwriting by discovering and recognizing important new talent through our annual Screenplay Competition. Top screenplays in several genres and categories, including feature and short length narrative scripts, specs scripts, and television pilots are recognized based on originality, form, and overall quality of work.