2015 Yosemite Film Festival Award Winners

The Yosemite International Film Festival is proud to announce the Winners of 2015 film and screenplay competitions.

Grand Jury Award

Love Thy Nature directed by Sylvie Rokab

Special Jury Prize

Poverty Inc. directed by Gary Null, Valerie Van Cleve

Best Environmental Film

Water in the Cloudforest directed by Jackson J. Eagan, Carol Jennings, Daniel V. Masicari

Best Narrative Feature

Ben's at Home directed by Mars Horodyski

Best Documentary Feature

Cerro Torre - A Snowball's Chance in Hell directed by Thomas C. Dirnhofer

Best Narrative Short

"If The Trees Could Talk" directed by Michael Weinstein

Best Documentary Short

Skateboarding's First Wave directed by Don Burgess

Best Foreign Feature

Johnny Walker directed by Kris De Meester

Best Foreign Short

The Missing Link directed by Kelly Reen

Best California Short

Willow Creek directed by Sven Dreesbach

Best Experimental Film

Negative Nature directed by Dawn George

Best Music Video

Tim Rose - Be Myself directed by Jason Sikorsky

Best Student Short

Junior the Bear directed by Rob Thomas, Director of Photography: Jeff Waltmire

Best Animated Film

The Magic Train directed by Joe Chang, Zhang Zhenxing, Shen Yifan ete

Best Screenplay

First Shoot the Lawyers directed by Bill Briles

Best Director

Let's Play Ghost directed by Damien Dematra

Best Actor

Jeff Kim in Creep directed by Seungmin Jungho Park

Best Actress

Natasha Dematra in From Seoul to Jakarta directed by Damien Dematra


Official Finalists

The Laws of Attraction directed by Andreas Graf

Nuclear Hope directed by Colin Scheyen, Shane Smith

September Sketch Book directed by Ronnie Cramer

Daughter of the King directed by Matthew R. Marshall

Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom directed by Sophie Dia Pegrum

Bowmansville Roller Mill directed by David Speace

I Scream your Name directed by Oskar Rosetti

Defenders of Life directed by Dana Ziyasheva

The Third Love directed by Michael Tanji


Honorable Mentions

Bed Bugs & Company directed by Serena Dykman

What It Takes directed by Akkim Lee

Where Hearts Lie directed by Tony Lindsay

Lure directed by Jesse Harley

Three Characters in Search of a Forest directed by Krishnendu Bose, Swati Khanna

Living with Elephants directed by Andrea Pawel, Sam Stewart

A Standing Still directed by Scott Ballard

Black Sun directed by Christian Caputo

Talgar the Hunter directed by Charlie Crane

Take a Stand directed by Austin Fickman


2015 Screenplay Competition Winners

Feature Script Competition

Grand Prize Winner: In the Land Where Acorns Dance written by Michael O'Rourke

1st Place:Survival of the Fittest written by Jeff Affrunti

2nd Place: Hell on Neptune written by Robert J. Rogers

3rd Place: Still in the Game written by George Flowers


Short Script Contest

1st Place: The Barking Spider written by Robert Gately & Lois Gately

2nd Place: Kidsitting written by Julia Rowland

3rd Place: Between the Two of Us written by Lynn-Maree Nash


Television Writing Contest

1st Place: Cougar Town - "Jammin' Me" written by Felicity Flesher

2nd Place: Family Guy: What The Phuc?! written by Dave Chan

3rd Place: Together written by Sonibel Rae


Official Finalists

Troublesome Creek written by Wesley Mullins

Blood Work written by Tom Grady

Incredibull written by Gregory P. Wolk

Tyler Texas written by P. S. Norman

Brothers of the Fatherland written by Vijay Varman

The Ghost And The Bomb written by Gerald Berns & David Field

Making Choices written by Ken Ross

The New Dark Ages written by Gregory P. Wolk

Loveband written by Nicola Pedrozzi