2018 Yosemite Film Festival Award Winners

The Yosemite International Film Festival is proud to announce the Winners of 2018 film and screenplay competitions

Grand Jury Award

Wadi Rum directed by Henna Taylor

Special Jury Prize

Forests, Fins & Footprints directed by Michael Glaser

Best Environmental Film

Reinventing Power: America's Renewable Energy Boom directed by Tony Valentino

Best Narrative Feature

One, Two, Guess Who’s Who directed by System

Best Documentary Feature

How The West Was Once directed by Dave Johnson

Best Narrative Short

Identification directed by Julia Deak

Best Documentary Short

Still Standing directed by Sierra May

Best California Film Feature

Odds Are... directed by Peter Markle

Best California Film Short

Unaccountable directed by Stacey Stone

Best Foreign Film

Between the Land and the Sea directed by Monika Krochmal

Best Experimental Film

Afraid of Where You Went directed by David Krause

Best Music Video

Watershed directed by Mark Pedelty

Best Student Short

Princess Nina directed by Liza Korotka

Best Student Feature

Sky Blue directed by Camilla Guttner

Best Animated Film

North of Blue directed by Joanna Priestley

Best Screenplay

Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) directed by Mark Knight

Best Director

In Memory of Paul directed by Jamon Holmes

Best TV Pilot

The Country Club directed by Brock Pennie, Lara Deglan & Caileigh Anderson

Best Supporting Actor

David Essex in Grimaldi directed by Jon Conway

Best Supporting Actress

Emily Limyun Dean in Andromeda directed by Emily Dean

Best Actor

Marcel Lures in Octav directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi & James Olivier

Best Actress

Kestrel Leah in Andromeda directed by Emily Dean

Official Finalists

Rooted_The Hollow Heart directed by Barend van der Watt, Henk Ekermans

A Young Soul directed by Jim Lively

The Last Eye directed by Xavier Ducry

Running Across California directed by Noam Argov

TEAM TIBET - Home away from Home directed by Robin Greenberg

The Shaman and The Scientist directed by Sarah Hutt

A Herring Opera directed by Tessa Schmidt

Entitas directed by Hugo Diego Garcia

Countdown to Anastasia directed by Gilbert Khoury

Amen directed by Amr Moustafa

Honorable Mentions

Nothing But, Television Comedy directed by Katrina Lena

Treading Yesterday directed by Craig Bettendorf

LALE'ENOK a Maasai Journey directed by Giuseppe Bucciarelli

Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies directed by Michael Hanrahan

In Memory of Paul directed by Jamon Holmes

Enough White Teacups directed by Michelle Bauer Carpenter

My Tourette's directed by Alessandro Molatore

The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam directed by Arlene Bogna

Kangaroo directed by Kate McIntyre Clere, Michael McIntyre

Where There Is Trout directed by David Jackel

2018 Screenplay Competition Winners

Feature Script Competition

1st Place South of Main Street written by Robert Gately

2nd Place God Is Not Purple written by Matt Pacini

3rd Place Shapeshifter written by James Sweeney

Short Script Contest

1st Place Cherry Glazed written by Christine Sherwood

2nd Place Spiced Apple written by Rebecca Lunn

3rd Place Teacher Parent Conference written by Nikolaus Moser

Television Writing Contest

1st Place Oaksterdum written by Nemanja Colovic

2nd Place Powder written by Hillery Baker

3rd Place Finale written by Greg Fusco

Official Finalists

Unto Eden written by Annette Rodig

To Kill A Cop written by Michael Monteiro

Runner written by John Van Roekel

The Seizure written by Robert Rabinovitz & Amos Poe

The Lease of Nature written by Anderson Boyd

The Venus Syndrome written by Lynn Vincentnathan

Cardinals written by Mason O'Neill Hunsicker & Danny Geraldo

The Venusian Chronicles written by Lynn Vincentnathan

Level 5 written by Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya& Daniel Louis

Mojo written by Joanne Bellew